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OUR Story



We set out to create an example, a new way of living and farming, that proves that eco-consciousness and respect for nature, doesn’t have to mean giving up luxury, comfort or style. Our hope is to empower and inspire each one of our guests by offering an experience they will never forget; an opportunity to connect with both land and with each other.   

Family-owned and operated, our inspiration comes from Ojai’s own enduring pioneer spirit. A boutique farm stay offering luxurious lodging and amenities, alongside working examples of organic farming and sustainable living, Ojai Vista Farm was created as a space to gather and to share.

Wander the property’s original avocado groves, where our pesticide-free, permaculture techniques have revived the soil and crops. Romp with our resident goat and chickens or enjoy a hillside picnic with friends. Stroll through our biodynamic vineyard, or just relax poolside and listen to the buzz of bees and bird song as the sun sets over the Valley.

We’ve restored the property’s original home and outbuildings, redecorating with Spanish and Mexican antiques, mixed with a modern sensibility. We’re committed to partnering with organic, toxin-free brands to provide the softest sheets and the safest shampoos and soaps. We’re also in the process of installing a greywater system throughout the farm, which allows us to recycle and conserve Ojai’s precious water supply.

We have dedicated ourselves to creating a respite and retreat that is both wonderfully indulgent and in total harmony with the surrounding environment.